Coming to IHOPU

Guys, this is a very late update but I made it to IHOPU! Yay Jesus!

On August 10, 2018, I landed in Kansas City, Missouri, started school on August 20 and I’ve been attending IHOPU since. I made it – thank God! In the 11th hour, God made the financing work out so now I’m here. Talk about adjustments – from easy, breezy Caribbean, eternal summer (more or less) to the Midwest and her schizophrenic weather patterns, lol. (I kid you not, in November one Saturday was 63 degrees F and the next day there was a snow blizzard – I witnessed that craziness).

I have tried to write this post 4 times since last year and each time I didn’t know how to describe the enormity of this life change. Here’s one thing – I terribly underestimated culture shock, LOL. And I’m still getting a handle on it because it has different faces – sometimes I’m lethargic, sometimes I’m angry, sometimes I’m sad, sometimes I feel lonely, sometimes I’m sick, sometimes it’s all of the above and most of the time, culture shock manifests because I feel foreign. And by foreign I mean, I feel like there’s a whole lot of normal stuff that’s normal to everyone else that isn’t normal to me. And while that’s true, it can be annoying (to say the very least).

I say all that to say that a great deal of my time here in KC has been about adjusting. Thankfully I’m getting better at it. Amidst all of the adjustments though, I’ve been learning to love this place – physically, emotionally, spiritually (you get the point) that the Lord has me in. For one, being in the US means I get to cook more things that I’ve always been curious about :-). This month I learned to make pasta from scratch from an Italian – yup! That’s happened 🙂

But aside from the foodie benefits – being at IHOPU means I’m in a community that prioritises worship and meeting Jesus. It also means I get to meet people from all over the world with surprisingly similar values for their lives as mine. That’s one of the most amazing things about being here. Yes, I’m Jamaican and different here but while I’m different, I’m not that different because this is the one place I’ve been where being an intercessory missionary (or aspiring to be one) is normal 🙂 Being here also means I’m in a place to learn from and live among people who’ve worked in a house of prayer for years, for many at least a decade. I’m learning from them how to remain tenderhearted before the Lord because it can be so easy to miss (because one’s occupation is worshipping, it can be assumed that one’s heart is open to the Lord when sometimes it just isn’t). Being here also means I get to grow musically (cuz while a clean heart before the Lord is THE priority, these people at IHOPU are not into sloppy-ness either).

So last semester was hard – hard but good. I’ve struggled to say that because there are many days when I forget the “but good” part (my friends can you tell you that’s real, lol). And when it comes to talking about a missionary’s experience, there is a real question – how much do I say? I’m learning the whole truth, not just the parts that are easy to say or hear but all of it. So, I’ll admit that while it’s been hard, it’s also been good and it remains good but hard. And maybe that’s just life on this side of eternity – hard but good, good but hard. And maybe that’s one more vivid reminder for us not to get too comfortable being on earth because it’s fallen at the moment and the Redeemer is coming. But until then, we groan, we wait, we act, we live with this knowledge.

One day, I should post the actual story of how I got here but I wanted to let the blogosphere know I’m alive and well – even though it’s not smooth sailing by any means. But God is good. God is faithful – I have everything I need and more 🙂 I’m meeting and making friends with cool people from all over the world who love Jesus 🙂

So, when you do remember me – please say a prayer for me. There are quite a few pots on the fire – a product of being an international missionary over here + school work + taking care of myself. This semester we’ve been assigned to worship teams and sometimes I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m learning some technical music things but I’ve been given some tips by my classmates and I’ve also been told I’m doing well (thank God). But there’s never too much prayer.

Despite the cold, I am well. I’m coming to a new found gratitude for the weather back home (or any day that’s over 50 degrees F) – hehehe. Thankfully, no matter what’s going on, I am well.

Until next time,




June 25 IHOPU Update

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while but I’d like to give you a quick update about how fundraising is going.

Since the last update, we’re now at $1,310 USD – yay Jesus! Only $17,190 USD to go! Thank You Lord, it has begun.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed 🙂 No matter the amount, I am so appreciative of your willingness to invest in this and your obedience to God. You are integral to getting me to IHOP. I can’t say it enough, thank you!

We continue to wait for God to manifest the resources for this trip as He is fully able.

While we wait though, could you do me a favour? Please also continue to

1) Pray for this enterprise (and me) – Pray that the resources needed for this move will manifest: finances, favour, grace and wisdom. Please pray that I’ll be obedient, patient and faithful as God makes this happen His way.

2) Pray about giving (For details, click here).

3) Share this blog.

That’s all for now everyone 🙂

Good night and God bless you.

June 5 IHOPU Update

Hi all, here’s an IHOPU update:

I’ve received $15,000 JMD (depending on the conversion rate that’s between $118 to $120 USD). Praise God for first fruit 🙂 That leaves $18,382 USD to go! We wait for You Lord to manifest it.

Guys, please also continue to

1) Pray for this enterprise – Pray that the resources needed for this move will manifest: finances, favour, grace and wisdom. Please pray that I’ll be obedient and faithful as God makes this happen His way.

2) Pray about giving (For details, click here).

3) Share this blog.

Bye for now 🙂


“Leaving on a Jet Plane” Soon

Hello everyone!

Last week I introduced the blog and mentioned that I’m making plans to leave Jamaica to go to music school. Yup, come August 21, 2018, God-willing, I’ll be on a jet plane to Forerunner Music Academy (FMA) at International House of Prayer University (IHOPU) in Kansas City, Missouri, USA for 2 years. I believe that this direction is a necessary and timely step in God’s development for me as a prophetic worshipper.

Worship was one of the first places I learned to clearly hear God’s voice for myself. Spending time with God in worship empowers me to face any force – be it internal or external. I’ve come to realise that God wants me to facilitate for others what worship is for me – a space to encounter the living God. I believe it is vital that every follower of Jesus Christ knows what He is saying to them through the Bible (the written word of God) and the Holy Spirit (God, the day to day conversationalist). While I worked at Jamaica House of Prayer (JaHOP) September 2015 to 2017, I began to develop as a prophetic worshipper. It began as a wish I had, to be able to worship God as my vocation. It grew into God granting this wish, allowing me to give others the space to sit and seek Him while expressing His heart to them.

Plus, God gave me a keyboard! Zion (that’s her name) was one of God’s astounding confirmations that worship was to be my vocation. He moved people to give to the purchase, gave me two discounts and made up for an unplanned financial shortfall. By the time the keyboard arrived, I had a sense of awe – God was pulling out all of His stops to equip me to be a worshipping musician.

In January 2016 I went to IHOPU for a one week course. Before I returned to Jamaica, I knew I was to go back but I didn’t know when. During my time there, I knew I wanted to come back for a longer visit so I could sit with the Lord and strengthen myself as a musician, worshipper, intercessor, messenger of the Lord and most importantly, His beloved daughter.

About 2 weeks ago, I sent my application to IHOPU. What is now required is a bank statement as proof that I can pay for my tuition and living expenses while there. The US government requires this to prove that I will not try to seek my fortune there illegally. After the school gets the bank statement from me, once I am accepted, they will send me the form to apply for the student visa. I then need to fill out and send the form to the embassy, get the visa, then I’m off to IHOPU.

For this entire enterprise, I need to raise approximately $18,500USD/$2.4 million JMD. That figure accounts for the visa application, tuition, health insurance, airfare, living expenses (including food, rent, utilities, groceries, housing, transportation, etc), and other expenses for a year.

The figure of $18,500 USD covers the aforementioned expenses but to jump-start the school and visa application process I need $15,232 USD/$1.98 million JMD. This covers school and living expenses – the absolutely necessary stuff. This is the figure that the school needs to know I have. I will admit, initially, the figures daunted me. However, after months of God’s repeated assurance that this is His bill and my job is to show up and be obedient, I’ve calmed down.

As you read this, I ask 3 things of you:

1) Please pray for this enterprise – Pray that the resources needed for this move will manifest: finances, favour, grace and wisdom. Please pray that I’ll be obedient and faithful as God makes this happen His way.

2) Please pray about giving.

3) Please share this blog.

I’m excited to see how God makes this happen, it will be a story to tell!

Let’s trust God to make this happen. If you’d like to communicate with me about this endeavour and how you can support, you can leave a comment here or send me a direct message via Twitter or Instagram and I’ll get back to you.

Until next week,


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