A Message to the Generations

Hi all,

Sorry for being behind with this post. I had planned to post Part 3 of The Giving Series (check out Parts 1 and 2) but change of plans, I think I’m supposed to post a message God gave me a couple days ago instead. This is about my generation (early 20s to late 30s, early 40s) and our parents (biological and spiritual).

Thursday June 28, 2018

“There is a generation arising to build what I could not ask of their parents. There is a generation called to build a lifelong temple of praise – a temple within and without, a building but also a cause, an atmosphere that travels with them. 

I am calling a generation of radicals/radicalisers, a generation to do what their parents could not. David could not build the temple because of the blood on His hands. The same exists for the generation before – the blood of (self) abortion, abortion of their own destinies and consequently others. This is why many of them are sick – spiritual abortions work the same way physical abortions do – untold, resounding, lasting side effects, things that go past the “womb” and into the “blood stream” etc. 

I am calling a generation to swing back the pendulum, to do the work that has left undone but is unique to this generation. I am calling a generation to repent of unbelief and bless their children. The work does not progress (with all of its power) without the blessing of their parents. David blessed Solomon despite his incapabilities, so must you (the elders) bless and support your children. 

I am calling you to store up an inheritance for your children to do ministry. (The same thing David for Solomon, 2 Chr. 29:1-20). We do it for education, how much more a resource that cannot be touched?”

Until next time,


P.S. – The next post should be back to regular programming and the final post for the Giving Series. See you then.


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