“Leaving on a Jet Plane” Soon

Hello everyone!

Last week I introduced the blog and mentioned that I’m making plans to leave Jamaica to go to music school. Yup, come August 21, 2018, God-willing, I’ll be on a jet plane to Forerunner Music Academy (FMA) at International House of Prayer University (IHOPU) in Kansas City, Missouri, USA for 2 years. I believe that this direction is a necessary and timely step in God’s development for me as a prophetic worshipper.

Worship was one of the first places I learned to clearly hear God’s voice for myself. Spending time with God in worship empowers me to face any force – be it internal or external. I’ve come to realise that God wants me to facilitate for others what worship is for me – a space to encounter the living God. I believe it is vital that every follower of Jesus Christ knows what He is saying to them through the Bible (the written word of God) and the Holy Spirit (God, the day to day conversationalist). While I worked at Jamaica House of Prayer (JaHOP) September 2015 to 2017, I began to develop as a prophetic worshipper. It began as a wish I had, to be able to worship God as my vocation. It grew into God granting this wish, allowing me to give others the space to sit and seek Him while expressing His heart to them.

Plus, God gave me a keyboard! Zion (that’s her name) was one of God’s astounding confirmations that worship was to be my vocation. He moved people to give to the purchase, gave me two discounts and made up for an unplanned financial shortfall. By the time the keyboard arrived, I had a sense of awe – God was pulling out all of His stops to equip me to be a worshipping musician.

In January 2016 I went to IHOPU for a one week course. Before I returned to Jamaica, I knew I was to go back but I didn’t know when. During my time there, I knew I wanted to come back for a longer visit so I could sit with the Lord and strengthen myself as a musician, worshipper, intercessor, messenger of the Lord and most importantly, His beloved daughter.

About 2 weeks ago, I sent my application to IHOPU. What is now required is a bank statement as proof that I can pay for my tuition and living expenses while there. The US government requires this to prove that I will not try to seek my fortune there illegally. After the school gets the bank statement from me, once I am accepted, they will send me the form to apply for the student visa. I then need to fill out and send the form to the embassy, get the visa, then I’m off to IHOPU.

For this entire enterprise, I need to raise approximately $18,500USD/$2.4 million JMD. That figure accounts for the visa application, tuition, health insurance, airfare, living expenses (including food, rent, utilities, groceries, housing, transportation, etc), and other expenses for a year.

The figure of $18,500 USD covers the aforementioned expenses but to jump-start the school and visa application process I need $15,232 USD/$1.98 million JMD. This covers school and living expenses – the absolutely necessary stuff. This is the figure that the school needs to know I have. I will admit, initially, the figures daunted me. However, after months of God’s repeated assurance that this is His bill and my job is to show up and be obedient, I’ve calmed down.

As you read this, I ask 3 things of you:

1) Please pray for this enterprise – Pray that the resources needed for this move will manifest: finances, favour, grace and wisdom. Please pray that I’ll be obedient and faithful as God makes this happen His way.

2) Please pray about giving.

3) Please share this blog.

I’m excited to see how God makes this happen, it will be a story to tell!

Let’s trust God to make this happen. If you’d like to communicate with me about this endeavour and how you can support, you can leave a comment here or send me a direct message via Twitter or Instagram and I’ll get back to you.

Until next week,



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