Coming to IHOPU

Guys, this is a very late update but I made it to IHOPU! Yay Jesus!

On August 10, 2018, I landed in Kansas City, Missouri, started school on August 20 and I’ve been attending IHOPU since. I made it – thank God! In the 11th hour, God made the financing work out so now I’m here. Talk about adjustments – from easy, breezy Caribbean, eternal summer (more or less) to the Midwest and her schizophrenic weather patterns, lol. (I kid you not, in November one Saturday was 63 degrees F and the next day there was a snow blizzard – I witnessed that craziness).

I have tried to write this post 4 times since last year and each time I didn’t know how to describe the enormity of this life change. Here’s one thing – I terribly underestimated culture shock, LOL. And I’m still getting a handle on it because it has different faces – sometimes I’m lethargic, sometimes I’m angry, sometimes I’m sad, sometimes I feel lonely, sometimes I’m sick, sometimes it’s all of the above and most of the time, culture shock manifests because I feel foreign. And by foreign I mean, I feel like there’s a whole lot of normal stuff that’s normal to everyone else that isn’t normal to me. And while that’s true, it can be annoying (to say the very least).

I say all that to say that a great deal of my time here in KC has been about adjusting. Thankfully I’m getting better at it. Amidst all of the adjustments though, I’ve been learning to love this place – physically, emotionally, spiritually (you get the point) that the Lord has me in. For one, being in the US means I get to cook more things that I’ve always been curious about :-). This month I learned to make pasta from scratch from an Italian – yup! That’s happened 🙂

But aside from the foodie benefits – being at IHOPU means I’m in a community that prioritises worship and meeting Jesus. It also means I get to meet people from all over the world with surprisingly similar values for their lives as mine. That’s one of the most amazing things about being here. Yes, I’m Jamaican and different here but while I’m different, I’m not that different because this is the one place I’ve been where being an intercessory missionary (or aspiring to be one) is normal 🙂 Being here also means I’m in a place to learn from and live among people who’ve worked in a house of prayer for years, for many at least a decade. I’m learning from them how to remain tenderhearted before the Lord because it can be so easy to miss (because one’s occupation is worshipping, it can be assumed that one’s heart is open to the Lord when sometimes it just isn’t). Being here also means I get to grow musically (cuz while a clean heart before the Lord is THE priority, these people at IHOPU are not into sloppy-ness either).

So last semester was hard – hard but good. I’ve struggled to say that because there are many days when I forget the “but good” part (my friends can you tell you that’s real, lol). And when it comes to talking about a missionary’s experience, there is a real question – how much do I say? I’m learning the whole truth, not just the parts that are easy to say or hear but all of it. So, I’ll admit that while it’s been hard, it’s also been good and it remains good but hard. And maybe that’s just life on this side of eternity – hard but good, good but hard. And maybe that’s one more vivid reminder for us not to get too comfortable being on earth because it’s fallen at the moment and the Redeemer is coming. But until then, we groan, we wait, we act, we live with this knowledge.

One day, I should post the actual story of how I got here but I wanted to let the blogosphere know I’m alive and well – even though it’s not smooth sailing by any means. But God is good. God is faithful – I have everything I need and more 🙂 I’m meeting and making friends with cool people from all over the world who love Jesus 🙂

So, when you do remember me – please say a prayer for me. There are quite a few pots on the fire – a product of being an international missionary over here + school work + taking care of myself. This semester we’ve been assigned to worship teams and sometimes I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m learning some technical music things but I’ve been given some tips by my classmates and I’ve also been told I’m doing well (thank God). But there’s never too much prayer.

Despite the cold, I am well. I’m coming to a new found gratitude for the weather back home (or any day that’s over 50 degrees F) – hehehe. Thankfully, no matter what’s going on, I am well.

Until next time,



July 11 IHOPU Update

Hi everyone,

Here’s the update. We’re currently at $1,480 USD! Yay! Progress! Thank You Lord. And thank you to everyone who has prayed, contributed and wished well 🙂 I am so appreciative of your partnership with me in this endeavour. God bless you richly.

So, the grand total needed is approximately $18,700 USD (I’ve adjusted it to accommodate my SEVIS fee which I recently discovered I have to pay – sorry for adding that just now).

Right now, where I stand is that I need $17, 220 USD and I’ll be fully funded 🙂

While we wait on God to provide this money (and all the other resources I need to leave), please continue to:

1) Pray for this enterprise (and me)– Pray that the resources needed for this move will manifest: finances, favour, grace and wisdom. Please pray that I’ll be (swiftly) obedient, patient and faithful as God makes this happen His way.

2) Pray about giving (For details, click here).

3) Share this blog.

I appreciate all of your support so let’s continue to pray together for God’s dream to manifest.

Until next time,


A Message to the Generations

Hi all,

Sorry for being behind with this post. I had planned to post Part 3 of The Giving Series (check out Parts 1 and 2) but change of plans, I think I’m supposed to post a message God gave me a couple days ago instead. This is about my generation (early 20s to late 30s, early 40s) and our parents (biological and spiritual).

Thursday June 28, 2018

“There is a generation arising to build what I could not ask of their parents. There is a generation called to build a lifelong temple of praise – a temple within and without, a building but also a cause, an atmosphere that travels with them. 

I am calling a generation of radicals/radicalisers, a generation to do what their parents could not. David could not build the temple because of the blood on His hands. The same exists for the generation before – the blood of (self) abortion, abortion of their own destinies and consequently others. This is why many of them are sick – spiritual abortions work the same way physical abortions do – untold, resounding, lasting side effects, things that go past the “womb” and into the “blood stream” etc. 

I am calling a generation to swing back the pendulum, to do the work that has left undone but is unique to this generation. I am calling a generation to repent of unbelief and bless their children. The work does not progress (with all of its power) without the blessing of their parents. David blessed Solomon despite his incapabilities, so must you (the elders) bless and support your children. 

I am calling you to store up an inheritance for your children to do ministry. (The same thing David for Solomon, 2 Chr. 29:1-20). We do it for education, how much more a resource that cannot be touched?”

Until next time,


P.S. – The next post should be back to regular programming and the final post for the Giving Series. See you then.

June 25 IHOPU Update

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while but I’d like to give you a quick update about how fundraising is going.

Since the last update, we’re now at $1,310 USD – yay Jesus! Only $17,190 USD to go! Thank You Lord, it has begun.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed 🙂 No matter the amount, I am so appreciative of your willingness to invest in this and your obedience to God. You are integral to getting me to IHOP. I can’t say it enough, thank you!

We continue to wait for God to manifest the resources for this trip as He is fully able.

While we wait though, could you do me a favour? Please also continue to

1) Pray for this enterprise (and me) – Pray that the resources needed for this move will manifest: finances, favour, grace and wisdom. Please pray that I’ll be obedient, patient and faithful as God makes this happen His way.

2) Pray about giving (For details, click here).

3) Share this blog.

That’s all for now everyone 🙂

Good night and God bless you.

Why Give? (The Giving Series, Part 2)

Hi everyone,

I’m back 🙂 and this is Part 2 of The Giving Series.  If you’re new, you can check out Part 1 about my journey to generosity. Today, I want to talk about 4 reasons (of a ton) that we should give. While this is not just about giving money (we also give our time, energy and talent), it is easier to see our giving reflected in our handling of money because money is the most tangible (and possibly precious) of the other aforementioned treasures. This is and isn’t about money – it is about giving anything that is valuable to us.


Transparency Tidbit: While I am in the process of fundraising to go to IHOP this August, I’m not writing this series as a way to make that happen. I’m writing this series because in my experience as a Christian, we hardly talk about giving from a biblical perspective and I want to change that.


So, why give?

#1: We benefit from giving.

“Give and it will come back to you” is a principle more guaranteed than gravity. This is because the law of gravity only applies when there’s a gravitational pull and while we know gravity-free zones exist, God-free zones” do not.  Proverbs 11:25 states: “The generous soul will be made rich, and he who waters will also be watered himself. (NKJV).” In giving, we receive a blessing. A mistake I used to make is assuming that if I gave away money, I would always get back money. That’s not a biblical principle at all. What is biblical is that there will be a blessing because one gives. The form of said blessing is left up to God’s sovereignty and kindness.

Check out some supporting texts here: Matthew 6:4, Proverbs 22:9, 28:27, Acts 20:35, 2 Corinthians. 9:6-8

#2: God says to give.

The clearest illustration of this I’ve seen is Matthew 6:2, 3. Each verse states “when you give”. Jesus was speaking about how to give, which means he expects that we are already giving or poising ourselves to do so. Within this passage He uses the same phasing to talk about other disciplines of the Christian faith: “when you pray” (verses 5, 6, 7) and “when you fast” (verses 16, 17). Giving is put in the same category of fasting and prayer – mandatory.

Check out some supporting texts here: Deuteuromony 16:17, Proverbs 21:26, Luke 3:11

#3: Giving advances the Kingdom of God.

When we give, the Kingdom of God acquires tools to manifest itself on the earth. Though God could get it done all by Himself, from the days of Genesis until now, He chooses to partner with us.  He wants us to participate with Him in reclaiming this world. Luke 8:1-3 tells us about women who supported Jesus and his disciples financially: …Jesus…preached and told the Good News about God’s kingdom…There were also some women with him…These women used their own money to help Jesus and his apostles (ICB).” Though God had provided for Jesus and the disciples through supernatural means before, what these women contributed to their wellbeing by giving was welcomed. Taking care of the needs of Jesus and his disciples was a sure way to ensure that more people had opportunities to experience the same goodness of Jesus that these women had.

When we give to a person or a ministry, we can facilitate the gospel either being ministered to that person or to others. Giving can allow us to extend our impact in this world beyond our regular sphere of influence. We have the opportunity to become partners in bringing the Kingdom of God to a place we couldn’t reach on our own.

Check out some supporting texts here: Nehemiah 1 and 21 Chronicles 29:1-20, Acts 2:44, 45

#4: You do have something to give.

Sometimes we want to give and the little we have does not seem to be of any importance – or so we think. Look at this scripture “…Give from what you have. If you want to give, your gift will be accepted. Your gift will be judged by what you have, not by what you do not have (ICB)” 2 Corinthians 8:11-12. Our Christian lives are ultimately accountable to God and when we give, we give to worship, honour and love Him. In the end, He judges our gifts based on why and how we gave them, not merely the quantity of them.

Check out some more supporting texts here: Mark 12:41-44, Proverbs 3:9, Luke 3:11, 2 Corinthians 9:6-8

Giving anything is an act of faith. By giving, we prove to others and ourselves that we are children of God. Only those who are sure of where their provision comes from can dare to part with any of it.

Until next time,






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